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  Professional Exchange : Exchange Conditions of IFMSA-Poland(Poland)
Level of studies Clinical students
Type of Clerkship Only clinical fields are available.
Only students after 3rd year and higher will be accepted.
Languages Certification in English or Polish is imperative.
Duration of Clerkship 4 weeks, ONE CALENDAR MONTH (from the first day of the month to the last)
Working Conditions It depends on the clinic, but usually 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Free time can be negotiated for excursions and sight-seeing. Night shifts can also be arranged.
Available DepartmentsAllergy & Clinical Immunology | Anaesthesia | Dermatology | Dermatovenerology | Emergency Medicine | Female Cancers | Geriatrics | Gynaecology/Obstetrics | Hematology | Immunology | Infectious Diseases | Intensive and Critical Care | Internal Medicine-Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Endocrinology | Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology | Internal Medicine-General | Internal Medicine-Hematology | Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Nephrology | Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Pulmonary | Internal Medicine-Rheumatology | Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine | Neurology | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Otorhinolaryngology | Paediatrics | Paediatrics-Neurosurgery | Paediatrics-Oncology | Paediatrics-Surgery | Radiology | Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery | Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery | Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery | Surgery-General | Surgery-Hand Surgery | Surgery-Head and Neck Surgery | Surgery-Maxillo-facial Surgery | Surgery-Neurosurgery | Surgery-Orthopedics | Surgery-Plastic Surgery | Surgery-Shoulder & Elbow Surgery | Surgery-Thoracic Surgery | Surgery-Transplantation Surgery | Surgery-Vascular Sugery | Traumatology | Urology |
Disciplines All medical fields are avaliable. Clinical students can develop practical skills including administering injections, taking blood, sewing in surgery, gyneacological and internal physical examination.
No theoretical fields are available.

Please take attention that in Katowice your choice must be made from the following list. Available departments in Katowice are:
Geriatrics | Hematology | Infectious Diseases | Internal Medicine-Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Endocrinology | Internal Medicine-Hematology | Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Nephrology | Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Rheumatology | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Otorhinolaryngology | Paediatrics Gastroenterology | Paediatrics Pulmonology | Paediatrics Nephrology | Paediatrics Cardiology | Paediatrics-Neurosurgery | Paediatrics-Oncology | Paediatrics-Surgery | Paediatrics-Cardiothoracic Surgery | Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery | Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery | Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery | Surgery-General | Surgery-Neurosurgery | Surgery-Orthopedics | Surgery-Thoracic Surgery | Surgery-Transplantation Surgery | Surgery-Vascular Sugery | Traumatology | Paediatrics Urology |
Periods & Towns - Bialystok - July, August
- Bydgoszcz - July,August
- Gdansk - July,August
- Katowice - July, September*
- Krakow - July, August
- Lodz - July, August
- Lublin - July, August
- Olsztyn - July, August
- Poznan - July,August
- Szczecin - July, August
- Warszawa - July, August
- Wroclaw - July, August

Periods available: July, August, September (for others contact NEO IFMSA-Poland)

There are limited places in September (only in LC Katowice). Please note that September is available only till 25 th.
Application documents & deadline All AFs should be sent 4 months before starting date of clearkship.
Please upload all the documents in the database!
Moreover the following documents are required on the CD (each student on the separated CD) at the GA March Meeting or sending by NEO to the (one student in one e-mail, subject: Country_NMO_Student's Name).

AF needed to be sent at least 16 weeks before indicated date of starting the exchange

- 1 copy of AF, with post address and e-mail address
- 1 passport sized photo
- Motivation letter
- Language certificate
- Proof of Health Insurance
- Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination

Health insurance is required (for example ISIC or Euro 26 card). It must be send with AF.
Students without health insurance will not be accepted.

Failure to send the Card of Confirmation will result in the clerkship being cancelled.
Digital documents required
Card of Acceptance deadline
(weeks in advance)
Card of Confirmation deadline
(weeks in advance)
Insurance Health Insurance (english version) is essential. It must be sent with AF.
Pocket Money none
Board & Lodging Lodging:

Free on bilateral agreement. Participants will usually live in student dormitories.


Provided by the hospital mensa or pocket money allocated by the LEO. The cost of unilateral units are 250 Euros (has to be PAID into an account number which will be provided by Contact Person or LEO at least 6 weeks before the exchnge starts. Not paying the money will result in cancelling the exchange)
Social Program Social activities will be organised by individual Local Committees. A student representative will be avaliable for contact and responsible for the well being of exchange participants. Excursions, sight-seeing, grill parties, night life activities etc will also be arranged. There will be plenty of opportunities for socialising with around 5-20 foreign students in each city per month.

NICE Project- National Incoming Care & Excursion Project - brochure of LC and schedule of trips around the Poland.

Med-Ex- Medical Education for Exchanges, each month we are organizing one lecture or workshops for Incoming Students.
Substitutions Gender, city, department, period are not subjects of modification.
Substitution possible until 4 weeks before the exchange starts. AF of the new student must be sent not later than 7 days after the procedure of substitution begins. All required documents need to be scanned and sent to the NEO IFMSA-Poland.
Cancellations We prefer substitution to cancellation. Please inform NEO asap. Cancelled exchanges will not be postponed to the next year.
Visas For countries where a visa is required, please request Invitation Letters in advance (preferably at the time contracts are signed). If any other documents are required, NEO needs to inform NEO IFMSA-Poland in advance.
Special remarks AQ Handbook is mandatory.

No friends, boyfirnds/ girlfriends, family members, pets are allowed during the exchange.

Please note, that if the student comes before the starting day of the exchange or stays longer, he needs to organise the accommodation by himself. LEO are not ressponsible for that.

Students need to have their own white coat, a stethoscope and white shoes specifically for hospital activites.
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These Exchange Conditions
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